The Owner,

“When I had my law firm in NYC, I represented numerous Irish Pubs. Early in my career, these local watering holes not only served as a social venue but a place to casually meet clients. I developed a strong friendship with Michael Glynn, one of the owners of Kennedy’s Irish Pub on West 57th Street. Michael was the face of Kennedy’s and he attracted celebrities, politicians, and famous athletes. Our relationship grew to the point where we both decided to open our own bar. Sadly, our collective dream was never realized. In 2013, in the midst of looking for the perfect location, Michael passed away.” Fast forward 8 years. “During Covid, I watched numerous businesses shutter its doors, especially local bars and restaurants. A good friend and client, Francesco (of Francesco’s famous bakery), informed me that one of his tenants decided not to return; that tenant was a restaurant and bar and was a staple in the Hicksville community. As the pandemic raged on and when my court cases became remote, I had some additional time on my hands. In January 2021, with the blessing of my wife Elizabeth (a fellow attorney), I found myself signing a lease. From there, THE RABBIT’S FOOT- Bar + Grill was born. Michael would often say, “Terence, we need good food, a good location and a little bit of luck!” “Lucky” became the theme. From Luck of the Irish to the Lucky Rabbit’s Foot ! I still enjoy practicing law and will continue to zealously fight for my clients, but now I can give them the choice of meeting in my office or at THE RABBIT’S FOOT !”


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